Recently, we purchase the old strip mall at 4324 Richmond Road in Warsaw, right next to the Tractor Supply Company. We have gutted the old grocery store and are in the process of remodeling it and we can't wait to share with you what God has blessed us with! Look for our grand opening in the Spring of 2017! For now, enjoy some pictures of the process.

01-05-17 a.JPG 01-05-17 b.JPG 01-05-17 c.JPG december 2016 8.jpg december 2016 11.jpg december 2016 4.jpg december 2016 2.jpg progress 11-06-16 6.jpg progress 11-06-16 3.jpg progress 11-06-16 7.jpg progress 11-06-16 8.jpg progress 11-06-16 10.jpg progress 11-06-16 13.jpg progress 11-06-16 14.jpg progress 11-06-16 17.jpg oct 6, 2016 pic1.jpg oct 6, 2016 pic2.jpg oct 6, 2016 pic3.jpg construction sept 29, 2016 pic 2.jpg RCofC_NewLocation_logo.jpg sept 12, 2016 pic1.JPG sept 12 2016 pic 2.JPG sept 12, 2016 pic 3.JPG week4pic1.JPG week4pic4.JPG week4pic2.JPG week3pic1.jpg week3pic2.jpg week3pic3.jpg 1august2016.JPG thumb_IMG_1387_1024.jpg 2august2016.JPG thumb_IMG_1371_1024.jpg