We’ve kind of been around the block since that first gathering in a private home in Burgess in 1978.  We’ve met in a rented house, a rented school, and for 37 years we met in our facility just east of Indianfield on 360. In March of 2017, we completely renovated the former Warsaw Supermarket location after purchasing that, the Satellite building and the strip mall. We’ve moved our entire operation here – right beside Tractor Supply, and behind the Warsaw McDonalds.   

Since we’re totally (And that means TOTALLY) independent, we’ve had the unique opportunity to pave our own roads and break some of the old rules about how church is supposed to be done. We have only two rules: To try our best to align ourselves with what the Bible says . . . and to make sure that what we do actually meets needs and makes a difference. 

In the last two decades, we’ve grown from a church of 32, to over 500 today. And we feel like we’re just getting cranked up!