Let’s take the awkward out of the equation. Walking into a new environment for the first time can be intimidating. But it’s easy here, we promise. You can expect to see a lot of little kids, young families, middle age and retired folks. You might see a suit, but jeans and very casual dress will dominate. We’re pretty relaxed about our attire around here. Feel free to walk right into the auditorium and grab a seat with your family, or you can check your children into our controlled and secure children’s wing or nursery. Greeters (Green Lanyards) and Guest Services (Red Lanyards) will help you find whatever you need. If you see Orange lanyards those folks have had screening and background checks and are the only adults authorized to be in our Kid’s areas, so rest easy. The little ones are safe. Grey lanyards are church staff.

You’ll see flat-tops, high-and- tight, long hair, short hair, and no hair! You’ll see that some of us are inked (even the Associate Minister) and some of us are too afraid of needles for tats. Get to know us after the early service and before the second service between 10:15 and 10:45 AM in Coffee Corner over a cup o’ Joe and a fresh pastry. The one thing we don’t have is any perfect people. Some of us are misfits, but all of us are messed up, because all of us are human. We won’t make you introduce yourself or be recognized or anything, so check us out. No intimidation required. 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM.

If you want to know about our music, or how we do communion, just click the tab.
You know the drill.